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You’re an avid reader who likes deals? Have a book blog & need content? Are you trying to promote your books?
If you said yes to any of these questions, this short post is for you.
I post often on medium under fiction and romance. I’m a Romance Author and with my new novel being released June 20th, I have been reaching out to those I know in order to promote the upcoming release. A friend had recommended this new and upcoming site that tours books using a network to assist in amplifying its content. I listened to her recommendation and wanted to share here what this site is all about because its great for fiction readers, bloggers and authors.
For Readers
Not sure what to read next? Silver Dagger Book Tours has new posts daily of recently published novels in many genres, that are accompanied with deals. There is plenty of new reads to check out, some are even free to download to your e-reader, smart phone or computer as well as some have opportunities to join contests for gift cards and giveaways. See what they have for you here!
For Book Bloggers
Are you looking for great content to fill up your book blog? Silver Dagger Book Tours is a site that opens book tours up to blogs that are interested in hosting. Your readers get treated to learning about new books and giveaways. You can sign up to be a tour host with The Silver Dagger Scriptorium and share some beautiful book tours and giveaways! More information & the sign up form is here!
For Authors
You just published your amazing book and need help promoting it. Silver Dagger Book Tours invites Author’s to book tours. They create beautiful tailor made tours. They custom design all graphics to match your books- making every tour unique and exciting! They have an awesome team of bloggers who will also share your tour on their sites so you get as many eyes as possible on your books. More information & the sign up form is here!

About the Author
You guessed it ;-) The International Boundaries Series is currently open to tour on Silver Dagger Book Tours. I am currently seeking bloggers who are interested in hosting. See the content here & the sign up to host is also here!


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