When Emoji's Take Over

That little face that looks at me from the bottom left of my keyboard. It has an ear to ear perfect smile, straight teeth and black doe eyes. I imagine that it's a he, like he is saying in a mousy voice, "Mrs. Misty touch my face and see what you can use instead of words!"
I'm like, "I don't know Mr. Emoji. I'm an author and I should use words."

Mr. Emoji explains, "You can be creative." He is trying to convince me. He continues, "Emoji's are fun." I glance at him, he is smiling. He continues, "Cool people use them."

Cool people? I hesitate for a second and say, "Fine, I'll take a look and see if I can add a few." I wonder how much I had to drink the night before.

There are rows upon rows of emojis, faces, families, animals, food, cars, buildings, flags and symbols. I couldn't even tell you what half of them mean. I think for a few minutes if I could really use any of these in my messages. Will people understand or will they just get frustrated and skip over my message?

Right now I am working on creating some marketing material to promote an up coming Kindle Countdown deal for one of my Romance Novels and I am trying to come up with some interesting messaging aimed to go out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. My goal is to attract attention and get people to click the link I provided in the message.

I decide that I can use some in place of words. I got to work and came up with these.

Here are some more from the campaign without Emoji's 

I had fun coming up with these because it helped me get away from what I typically do when trying to market a sale which is something to the tune of, "Please, please PLeasE buy my book!" The first post to my campaign is set to launch October 21st and will run until October 28th.

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