30 Days of Forcing Myself to Write a Short Story Daily

C.R.Misty, the author of the International Boundaries Series | Book 1: Simple Affair and Book 2: Deeply Bound, shares about her experience using TaleHunt.

This all started from a suggestion of a complete stranger who had messaged me on Twitter.

They Privately messaged me out of the blue and the message was something like this, "Hey, we have this new app that we think you will like since you are a writer and now it's free to download for android. here is the link..."

They were marketing their app to me, just like tons of others do with various products on Twitter. At first I was reluctant to respond because it was just another promotional message. I responded with a quick, "Thank you" because their message told me that they did take time to look at my biography to see that I write.

A day went by and they private messaged me again, "Hey, I wanted to see if you had the chance to look at our new app. It's a tool used for writing short stories and think it is the perfect tool for you to try out."

I read the message and thought okay, this person is not your typical marketer that only tries once. I think, okay they are passionate and seem convinced that I'll like what they are offering, I'll take a look.

I reluctantly click their link to the app and see that it's exactly what they say it is which is an app for writing and posting short stories. I wonder, could I see myself using this tool? I don't know... I'm a novelist and enjoy writing 100k word novels and not short little snippets.

I viewed their app as simply just a writing tool and decide this isn't for me and message them back, "I took a look but this isn't a tool I can use as I enjoy writing full length novels."

They quickly respond, "I disagree, you are and author and could use this to share your talent of writing with others. we have a built in feature that allows you to share your short stories on other platforms."

Point made, I hadn't considered that. I take a look again, but can't seem to download the app to my iPhone and message them back asking if they have a version for iPhone and at the time they didn't and we parted ways.

2 weeks later, I receive another private message from them, "Hey I wanted to let you know that we now have a version for iPhone. Here is the link."

This time, I'm a little more eager and less reluctant and I click their link, get the app and see what it's all about. I read and like a few of the short story posts made by the other apps users. I don't post anything right away as I want to check it out some more with reading the things others are posting and how the TaleHunt's user community works. I actually wait a couple of weeks before posting anything.

I started dipping my toes into the water and created a user profile, adding an avatar picture and a short blurb about myself and continued to watch and like other users posts.

I noticed that the TaleHunt community is a small but passionate bunch of writers. They are active and like the marketer mentioned this would be a good platform for me.

Playing with words is a good exercise but what I needed in this moment was a place to share and market myself to and with their share feature it was perfect for me to write something, share it and my name was automatically inserted into the poster.

I was publishing my next romance novel in the coming months and I was decided, I'm going to try TaleHunt since its new and different. I took about a week to compile quotes from my upcoming novel. I created a schedule and published one quote to TaleHunt daily with a hashtag to where the novel was online and the likes and comments started to come in.

TaleHunt was giving me more activity then Twitter and Facebook with likes and comments, people engaged in the writing.

Within a couple of weeks one of the founders of TaleHunt emailed me, asking if I was an author and if I was, could I provide them with the website where my books can be found. I replied, providing a link to Amazon and within a day TaleHunt added a little book icon to all my posts and when you click it directs you to my novels. I was impressed.

A week later I receive another email from one of founders of TaleHunt asking if I would like to be interviewed for a blog feature they were doing. I said yes and answered their questions and shortly after they published my interview to their site.
Forcing myself to post a short story daily turned out to be a fantastic thing. Not only was it good for marketing myself it became less work and more fun. It's still a relatively new app but what's awesome is that TaleHunt has shown me a level of support that I would never receive from other apps in catering their app to my needs as well as taking the time to feature me on their blog.

After I wrapped up my marketing campaign, I started posting just for fun, playing with words and seeing what I could do. I'm happy that listened to the persistent TaleHunt marketer and I hope that you check out my short story posts on TaleHunt.

Here are a few of mine cheers and enjoy!

About the Author: C.R. Misty is currently writing a romance trilogy. Her books are available online at KindleNookKoboibookinkteraOverDriveAmazon & Createspace


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