1 Year Later My Second Time Participating on Kindlescout

C.R.Misty, the author of the International Boundaries Series | Book 1: Simple Affair and Book 2: Deeply Bound, shares about her experiences in her second time participating on Kindlescout.

A lot happens in one year and last year I participated on Kindlescout with posting my first romance novel to their site. After that initial campaign had ended and I learned that I wasn’t selected by them for publication I wrote a blog on that first experience and discussed the reasons that my novel may not have been selected and you can read that here.

Now we are 1 year later and since that campaign I took my findings, applied some major changes to my first novel and self-published it. I also worked on the edits and cover to my second romance novel and developed a stronger marketing strategy and now I am at the point where I am ready to publish my second novel.

As a part of marketing and being able to preview my second book on as many platforms as possible I decided to look into participating on Kindlescout again. My reasons for going back to Kindlescout are many and even though my first book wasn’t selected by them, I learned many things with campaigning.

My first reason for using Kindlescout a second time is exposure. Their website is beautiful with featuring all submissions as large icons so that readers can see book covers clearly. When a reader sees a book cover that may interest them they can hover their mouse over the cover to read what the book is about and if they click on the cover they can view that books submission. Also the site is sorted by genre, and each genre has the same level of exposure on their main landing page.

This is fantastic exposure for me as it gives me a beautiful platform for me to feature my books and because Kindlescout encourages its participants to campaign to their networks it gives me the chance to gain new readers.

Here is what Kindlescout’s main landing page looks like.

Another reason I went back to using Kindlesout is to get back into the groove. What I mean by this is with Kindlescout, participants are encouraged to campaign in order to gain votes. My plan this year is to publish my second book, “Deeply Bound” by summer 2016 regardless on if Kindlescout chooses it. I am using my Kindlescout campaign as sort of a Launchpad to first spark interest and win over some new readers and two, to iron out any kinks with my marketing strategies. My plan is that if I am not selected by Kindlescout I will follow up with preparing myself for a pre-order campaign.

This year I have added blogging, added new social media platforms such as creating social media events, paid advertising and created a YouTube movie trailer for my marketing/campaigning efforts. I have also continued to use my existing social media channels to promote myself during the campaign.

Here is my movie Trailer to the International Boundaries Series, which features Book 1 | Simple Affair and Book 2 | Deeply Bound

Lastly, I chose Kindlescout a second time because they are offering more to the author to help them learn and fine tune their campaign strategies. I was pleasantly surprised when I logged into my Kindlescout profile a year after my campaign to learn that they have a new feature that helps author’s measure their success.

After you have logged into Kindlescout there is a selection named, “Your Campaigns” and when you click on that you can view how many days your campaign has been running, how many hours your campaign has been “Hot & Trending” and how many page views you have received.

You can look into your campaign stats further by clicking, “view all campaign stats” and from there you can see your stats broken down by day with how many visits your campaign received as well as view the referring URL’s, so where your marketing is working the most.

These images below is what you see.

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