How to Make Advertisements with a $0.00 Budget

C.R.Misty, the author of the soon to be published series, International Boundaries | Book 1: Simple Affair, and Book 2: Deeply Bound, writes about creating image advertisements.

I save money where I can. Expenses can quickly add up when you are trying to market a product. You are passionate about what you are selling and you want the best you can give to allow your product the most visibility as possible. Are you with me?

Okay! So this is what I did :-)

I wanted to create image advertisements to use on various social media sites and I needed to do this with a small budget. I could have used a stock image site to purchase some stock images but the only thing with that besides costing a bit of money is that those images are re-sold, so the chances of it being used elsewhere is likely. It was important to me to have images that were unique, so what do you think I did? I got creative and did it myself.

I sense some rolling of the eyes, that obvious. Let me elaborate. ^.^

I created adds to promote my new Romance Novel that was featured on Kindlescout for the month of March. You can still view the submission on KindleScout.

The images that I would have loved to have had would have been a sexy male & female model locked in a heat of the moment scene. Sure, I could have used a stock image but again I wanted the advertisements to be unique. So in recognizing that I had limitations I got creative and recognized what I did have to work with.

I have a camera, I have a computer with photo software and I have a home full of things. In working with little to no budget this is what I mean, get creative, figure out and focus on what you have. Maybe you don't have a camera, but do you have a smartphone? Maybe the objects in your home weren't what you had in mind and you really wanted sexy models, then I urge you to think hard! Maybe you have sexy neighbors?

Well in case you don't have sexy neighbors who would agree to a photo shoot there are other ways to get sexy. Take that book turned movie, “50 Shades of Grey”. Do you remember the book covers? A grey tie on one, handcuffs on another and a fancy mask :-)

I knew I couldn't get the sexy neighbors, err I mean models, so I looked around my home for things. I didn't have handcuffs either and besides with the 50 Shades movie just come out, I didn't want to be a copy cat.

I took a picture of my dirty vacuum for one image, I took pictures of my travel luggage and camping gear for another and I also snapped a few images of my dog, doesn't sound sexy does it? Well, I attached words to my adds to help make sense of why an image was being used. In some instances these phrases could be perceived as double meanings. My humor isn't for everyone and that's okay, the other thing that was important to me is I made adds that I was happy with and for me these adds are silly hints at sexy.

The trick is that whether you are making advertisements for romance novels or for selling tacos or car tires, you have yourself as the creative energy, the objects around you and words! Words can be used to covey a simple message or used for double meanings or humor or maybe even to get your audience to think. My advice is to take advantage of the amazing resources that you have and have fun!

Good luck and I hope that I was able to get your creative juices flowing and p.s. I shared the adds that were mentioned in this post.

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C.R. Misty’s new book was featured on KindleScout for the month of March and the revised book with new title and cover can be viewed on Wattpad. If you enjoy her work please show your support by voting for the chapters on Wattpad.

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