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C.R. Misty, the author of International Boundaries | Book 1: Simple Affair, and Book 2: Deeply Bound writes about her work, writing, marketing and when to take a break.

The title of this blog is about the action that I sometimes struggle with. Right now I am in the middle of a campaign for my novel. I am a writer, I write, I publish books, I market and network. It is a lot of work, a labor of love, and full of success and defeats.

My main struggle right now is getting people to view my campaign. I have shared my baby with the world (not a real baby, my book!) I want my book to succeed, I want the best. Can anyone else relate? I am guessing yes! Painters hope that their work is seen, writers write, programmers program, get the point? I think that anyone who is creating something, putting their heart into their work wants it to be noticed and for it to do well. That means spending a lot of time getting the word out, posting, asking others to look, and creating marketing materials.

You hear me, campaigning is work which means time. When do you walk away? I walk away the moment my mind starts to drift, which is usually after an hour or two. You can’t become a slave to your hobby and although I wish that my book is seen, I know that the reality is that I can’t get to every one of my social media followers. I can’t produce blog topics like a machine. I can’t come up with new marketing material with the snap of my finger. So these are all can't's (is that a word?) How do you turn that around so that you can give yourself a break and walk away?
I spend about an hour or two a day campaigning. Some of the things that I do in that time is I produce automated tweets that go out during peak hours. I use Hootsuite to help. I can’t message every one of my followers but I can try to reach them by staggering tweets during the day.

When I do write blog posts they are shared first on my blog site and to my google+ followers. I wait a couple of days and then re-share them to different google+ communities that allow topics that I write about to be posted in their community. It is also a way of networking and sharing with others that may not follow me but follow that community.

I have taken time to personally message my direct contacts on the different social media feeds. Friends are always good to reach out to and are the most receptive. I take time every day to reach out to friends and point them to my campaign.Once I reach that hour or two it is time to walk away. I physically leave my desk, get away from the computer, put my phone away and go. My automated communications can do the work for me while I break.This weekend I spent time with my husband, we did some maintenance on our cars (torqued the tires and adjusted the air pressure, and oh yes filled up the washer fluid) We also went to town and did a bit of shopping for an upcoming trip. I snapped a picture below of the new top and bottoms that I bought. We watched movies and I did a bit of baking, I made some lemon squares! 

This is my baby when it was on Kindlescout it was called, International Boundaries. The KindleScout campaign has ended.

As of June 2015 I did some major changes to the appearance of the book. The name of the series is called International Boundaries and book 1 is called Simple Affair, which you can read a sample and vote for it on wattpad.

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About the Author: C.R. Misty is currently writing a romance trilogy. Her books are available online at Kindle, Nook, Kobo, ibook, inktera, OverDrive, Amazon & Createspace


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